GravityDrive provides user experience (UX) consulting services including user research, user interface and interaction design, usability evaluation, prototyping, visual design, complete website design and development, UX strategic planning, and related training.

The consultants of GravityDrive have diverse skills and experience and are all driven with a passion for UX. We are constantly dreaming, thinking, and exploring UX, working on ways to improve the human experience. In addition to computer-based design tools, we often take notebooks, pens, and pencils with us everywhere we go to record and share our designs at any moment.

GravityDrive has been involved in the research, design, development, and evaluation of many products in various industries, including but not limited to: medical, scientific, research, education, engineering, legal, business, banking, and entertainment.

Life is defined by our experiences, some we can change, some we cannot. For those we can impact, it is our goal to help make those the best experiences possible.

Michael Miserendino, President
GravityDrive helps you build User Experiences with research, interaction design, evaluation, & prototyping
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